VAP in the City

Louisville’s I-Team has an audacious goal to reduce vacancy within a targeted area by 50 percent — a total of 55 properties. Metro’s Office of Vacant and Public Property Administration (VPPA) partnered with Opportunity Space, an online tool that aggregates, analyzes, and publishes opportunities for development.

Using data, VPPA was able to strategically select responsible homeowners with vacant lots adjacent. Because of grant funds secured from Louisville’s I-Team, Metro was able to convey a total of 5 properties to responsible homeowners. This singular act will increase property values for the new owners, will have a positive impact on the neighborhood with fewer unsightly lots, and will save the City in mowing and maintenance of the lots! Side lot disposition is a nationally recognized best practice for cities fighting blight and vacancy and Louisville is leading the charge by using data and leveraging grant funds for this strategic initiative.

Louisville’s Office of Performance Improvement & Innovation will continue to support these efforts by measuring the impact of the side lot disposition and other work going on in the area.

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