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Dockless Vehicles

Advanced Planning

    Data about all dockless (scooter and bike) trips across the city from all providers. Bird started operations August 2018. Lime started operations November 2018. *NOTE:* this data is currently for the **Interim Operating Agreement only**, and...

    Louisville Metro Open Data

    Yelp Data

    Health & Wellness

      Listing of geocoded businesses, inspections for those businesses, and health violations for those businesses,  used as a feed to Yelp.  All files are csv files. See the [Restaurant Inspection dataset](https://data.louisvilleky.gov/dataset/...

      Louisville Metro Open Data

      Business Listings & Registrations

      Metro Revenue Commission

        Data updated on the first business day of each month, registered businesses with Louisville Metro Revenue Commission, in Jefferson County. Data includes business name, addressing information, NAIC code (classification of business type) and...

        LGE Inspections

        Construction Review

          This dataset is no longer being published. Meta data will remain for 3 months then be deleted. A dataset that is delivered to LG&E to determine when and where upcoming inspections will be performed.