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Open Data Gallery

This is a showcase of projects and services that have been built using open data from Louisville Metro. If you'd like your project added here, please send us a link and description.

Companies and Services

Some of the best examples of free online services based on our data.

Yelp Health Scores
Health rating data sharing with Yelp.

Waze Mapping
Community based mapping Connected Citizens partnership.

Opportunity Space
Vacant property information and sale site with deeds.

Louisville Environmental and Property Search

A news feed for your block.

Open data on maps and in an API.

A nationwide crime safety rating API for your current location.

SafetyCheck iPhone App
Mobile 1-10 crime score for Louisville.

The Glass Capitol
Voter information and action website.


Maps and interactives based on specific data sets.

Tree coverage by parcel
Percent tree coverage of every city property parcel.

Heat Island Effect
The hottest and coolest parcels based on tree coverage.

Who Owns the Road?
Road responsibilities and speed limits.

Tax Parcels
Every property parcel mapped and downloadable.

Voter Turnout
Election results mapped with political affiliation and turnout stats.

Louisville Henge
What day of the year streets have the sun setting at the horizon.

Louisville Crime Trends
Maps and graphs of criminal activity by census tracts.

Vacant and Abandoned Property Tax Due
Interactive tax due charts and maps by zip code and year.

Metro Employee Salary Explorer
R app with charts by department, job titles, and employee.

Successful Projects

Community projects using open data that help get information to the public.

OpenStreetMap Address
Building shapes and street addresses for the blind.

OKFN Open Data Census
Louisville's Open Data ranking compared to other cities.

Cute Pets Lou Twitter
A tweet about every new pet that enters Metro Animal Services. Tech Events
Technology related events and details.

Hackathon Projects

Projects and partnerships started at area civic technology hackathon days.

Abandoned Property and Tax Liens
Analyzing tax lien data and vacant and abandoned properties.

Youth Services
Online database of youth services with Metro Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods.

KY Youth Advocates
Analysis of Louisville's youth population and needs.

Kentucky Decoded
Digitizing state and local laws for easy search.

311 Chatbot
An automated Facebook chat program for reporting city issues.

Open Data Collaborations

City collaborations with the community that generate and showcase new open data.

Automated public feedback by phone for New Dixie Highway developement.

Speed Up Louisville
Internet speed testing with public results sharing.

White House Police Data Initiative
Opening police use of force, traffic stop, and other data to citizens. See Louisville's Data

Stop Fires in Vacant Properties
Installing solar powered smoke detectors in abandoned properties.

Civic Data Alliance
Community non-profit for opening data and improving government efficiency.

Open Data 500
500 US companies that use Open Data in their business.

Best in Class Examples

Open data and open source projects other cities have done that Louisville can also work towards in the future.

City Data Downloader
Link Select city areas to download city data in chunks.

Minecraft One to One
Link Modelling the city in Minecraft on a 1-to-1 scale for education and tourism.

Building Age
Link Visual map of the city's buildings based on age.

311 City Data
Link Charts, filters, maps of current 311 calls.

Solar Capacity Mapping
Link Using LIDAR to show rooftop solar costs and capacity.