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Open Data Gallery

This is a gallery of projects and services that have been built using open data from Louisville Metro. If you'd like your project added here, please send us a link and description.

Companies and Services



Opportunity Space

Louisville Environmental and Property Search

A news feed for your block

Open data on maps and in an API


SafetyCheck iPhone App

The Glass Capitol


Tree coverage and property tax maps:

Heat Island Effect across Louisville

Who Owns the Road?

Every Property Parcel Mapped and Downloadable

Voter Turnout

Louisville Henge

Successful Projects

Open Street Map building/address import

OKFN Open Data Census

Cute Pets Lou Twitter Tech Events

Hackathon Projects

Vacant and Abandoned property and tax lien analysis

Online database of youth services with Metro Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods

KY Youth Advocates

Kentucky Decoded. Digitizing state and local laws for search

311 Chatbot

Open Data Collaborations


Speed Up Louisville

White House Police Data Initiative

Stop Fires in Vacant Properties

Civic Data Alliance
The Civic Data Alliance is the public’s voice for open data, interested in liberating, improving, gathering, defining, and reporting on public data.

Companies that use Open Data