Data Inventory

The city's Data Officer Michael Schnuerle kicked off a Data Governance Working Group led by Gerald Kaforski to create a data inventory of our assets across all departments. Motivated by our What Works Cities certification, we started the effort in May 2018 with publishing a first pass of what we have online in December 2018, with ongoing work after that. Skip to the bottom of this page for details.

See the inventory data here:

Departments are asked to do the following, and progress is tracked below:

  1. Designated Lead (1 point) - Designate an data inventory lead
  2. Inventory Progress (10 points) - Conduct a data inventory to catalog department metadata
  3. Verified (2 points) - Verify their data with the working group
  4. Updated Open Metadata (2 points) - Update all existing metadata on the open data platform
  5. Percent Published (5 points) - Continue working until all eligible datasets are published

Note: many of these efforts will be happening simultaneously.

Departments continue to work with the Data Governance team to meet these goals, and we will update this page regularly to reflect their progress. As we validate departments' work, we will publish this data inventory as an open data set for the public.

A member of the Data Inventory Working Group will meet with each Department Lead throughout the year to review each area of this progress report and adjust the scores accordingly.

Data Inventory Progress Report


Designated Lead (5%)

  • 0 - No lead
  • 1 - Has lead

If you have an individual in your department that has been designated the data inventory lead, then this is complete.  The lead is responsible for coordinating with their department to complete the data inventory.

Inventory Progress (50%)

  • 0 - Not Started
  • 1 - at least 1 source or 1 set
  • 2 - at least 1 source and 1 set
  • 3 - at least 1 source and 2 sets
  • 4 - 25% complete
  • 6 - 50% complete
  • 8 - 75% complete
  • 10 - 100% completed inventory

Progress on your department's work on completing the data inventory.  Designated Leads should contact the Working Group for assistance with starting the inventory efforts.  The designated lead is responsible for informing the Working Group of when your percent complete (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) milestones are met.

Verified (10%)

  • 0 - Not verified
  • 1 - verification is in progress
  • 2 - verification is complete

The Working Group will coordinate with the Designated Lead to schedule a review within one month of completeness notification. We will be auditing your inventory for quality and completeness.  Your inventory progress score may be adjusted based on the verification, and more work may be needed for subsequent verification.  

Updated Open Metadata (10%)

  • 0 - Not updated
  • 1 - updates in progress
  • 2 - updates complete

Any existing open datasets on the open data site have complete metadata, including description, a data dictionary, contact information, update frequency, external reference links, etc.   The Designated Lead will notify the OPI2 Data Team when work has started and been completed.

Percent Published (25%)

  • 0 - Nothing published
  • 1 - at least 1 Open Dataset
  • 2 - 25% published
  • 3 - 50% published
  • 4 - 75% published
  • 5 - 100% published

Percent of data inventory datasets that have been published to the open data site.  For sensitive, internal, and publicly classified datasets, publishing the appropriately redacted information as open data counts towards your score.  Confidential datasets will not be counted or published in any form. Publishing includes any needed manual or automated updating process, and complete metadata. The Designated Lead will notify the OPI2 Data Team when work has started and at each percent complete milestone (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%).


To see our Data Inventory Process, read this PDF document. Here is a screenshot of the first page.

Data Inventory Process
Here is part of our Open Data Publishing Process, which is currently being revised by our Data Governance team. See this PDF document for a larger version.

Open Data Publishing Process