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Mayor Greg Fischer formed the Louisville Metro Office of Sustainability in 2012 with a mission of promoting environmental conservation, the health, wellness and prosperity of our citizens, and embedding sustainability into the culture of the Louisville community. Creating a culture of sustainability will be achieved through broad-based education and awareness efforts as well as implementation of projects and initiatives to influence behavior change.

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Urban Heat Management Actions - Neighborhood Data

The urban heat island effect — defined as the difference in temperature between the core of Louisville and its suburbs — contributes to heat-related illnesses and deaths and leads to higher air-conditioning bills for residents, according to a study released in April 2016. Urban heat in Louisville is rising at one of the fastest rates in the country. There are specific actions residents can take to help reduce urban heat. Here, residents can search to find the specific number of actions, such as the number of trees planted or cool roofs installed, recommended in their neighborhoods to help manage urban heat.

The columns represent the number of each action recommended per neighborhood to help reduce the urban heat.

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Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
GEOMETRYCOLLECTION (POLYGON ((-85.585272053326 38.33943050674, -85.574725927596 38.333976819898, -85.561321517196 38.337124469417, -85.468205755185 38.28530907192, -85.404898970052 38.263729926094, -85.428829650836 38.118382676965, -85.479900537052 38.100127882032, -85.515669399683 38.088845798814, -85.557270194917 38.073840699338, -85.71257768941 38.087310672264, -85.874917060567 38.042497548191, -85.912789398268 38.020652085019, -85.91386635713 38.010842939494, -85.922968705068 38.008358251243, -85.934393316832 37.997210210835, -85.94504404219 38.002426170817, -85.923653751423 38.024856022327, -85.91897861252 38.040699089862, -85.916159645592 38.063634969105, -85.905038686638 38.089995706638, -85.904471614416 38.107042807849, -85.909096035422 38.142341491042, -85.906941832342 38.165516883622, -85.896049899443 38.185450668789, -85.874988049355 38.207697317443, -85.851673772408 38.22260745727, -85.838862598006 38.240536226458, -85.836049514108 38.26545659857, -85.829065053335 38.276554348977, -85.81454621842 38.283009847759, -85.788057847574 38.28835803304, -85.773074406773 38.285761074007, -85.760921709 38.271913901067, -85.741595182199 38.26766834773, -85.679961675582 38.297584551846, -85.654373194331 38.325351972185, -85.63863429852 38.363857374588, -85.63781706754 38.380239112642, -85.569412789133 38.341751850938, -85.585272053326 38.33943050674)))
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Jefferson County, Kentucky
Temporal Coverage
2012-05-01 to 2012-09-30
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Office of Sustainability
Data Dictionary

NEIGHBORHOOD - The neighborhood in Louisville.

TOTAL NEW GREEN ROOFS - The number of green roofs installed. Each green roof is assumed to be 10,000 square feet.

TOTAL GRASS PLANTED - The amount of bare dirt land planted with grass or other greenery, measured in hectares.

TOTAL TREES PLANTED - The number of new trees planted.

TOTAL COOL PAVING - Cool paving is pavement material engineered to exhibit a higher reflectivity than conventional pavement. Cool paving can be porous, made of a light colored material, or both. Cool paving is measured in hectares.

TOTAL NEW COOL ROOFS - The number of cool roofs installed. Each cool roof is assumed to be 10,000 square feet. A cool roof can be steep-sloped or low-sloped or flat. A cool roof is define as a roof with a top-level material certified by ENERGY STAR or rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council as "cool." More information is available at

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