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Redlining StoryMap Shapefiles

Zip of all 11 shapefiles used in the original StoryMap analysis.

Descriptions of each of the data layers shapefiles in the ZIP.

  1. AvgResProValuesPerTract = Average residential property values per census tract

  2. BuildingPermitsIssuedInJeffCoByTract_11_14 = All Building Permits Issued in Jefferson County Between 2011 and 2014 per Census Tract (Derived from overlaying building permits locations by address with 2010 Census Tracts).

  3. HOLCNeighborhoodDescriptions = Home Owner Loan Corporation Neighborhood Descriptions
    The Home Owner's Loan Corporation (HOLC) was created in 1933 to aid the housing market during the Great Depression. The HOLC created residential securities maps, better known as "redlining maps," to guide investment in US cities. These maps assigned grades 'A' through 'D' to neighborhoods to indicate their desirability for investment. Black, immigrant, and low-income neighborhoods were often given grades of 'C' or 'D,' eliminating their access to mortgage insurance or credit for decades. Although the HOLC was discontinued in 1951, the impact of disinvestment resulting from redlining is still evident in most US cities today.

  4. HomeOwnershipRates_11_15_ACS = Home Ownership Rates - 2011-2015 American Community Survey (Percentage of Home Owners per Census Tract)

  5. LouisvilleNeighborhoods = Louisville KY Urban Neighborhoods.
    Description and Open GIS Dataset found here:

  6. PercentOfMortgageDenialsPerTract_11_13= Percentage of Mortgage Denials Per Census Tract 2011 to 2013 (Denials divided by Mortgage Applications).

  7. PercentofPopBlack = Percentage African American Population. Taken from the Jefferson County Census Tracts shapefile found in the LOJIC Oracle database

  8. PercentofPopInPoverty = Percentage of Population In Poverty – Derived from Jefferson County 2010 Census Tracts Data (Available from US Census website).

  9. SecurityAreas_1937 = Redlining areas from the 1937 Assessment

  10. VacPropsPerTract = Vacant Properties per Census Tract.

  11. Zoning = Jefferson County KY Zoning
    Description and Open GIS Dataset found here:

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