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The information on this page (the dataset metadata) is also available in these formats.


via the DKAN API

LouVelo Bicycles

LouVelo shared docked bicycles and usage across the city, to get to the LouVelo data, use the dynamic window below or for full screen experience click this link

**For instructions on how to use data filtering and exporting for the window and link above click here


Data is aggregated for individual privacy at 3 decimals for latitude and longitude, which equates to about the block level. This groups start and end points into a grid across the city.

Note there is inherent inaccuracies in GPS tracking that is present in the source data.

NOTE: this grid of aggregated data may show points in water, private locations, and places vehicles do not operate - this is due to data being snapped to a larger open data aggregation level, GPS issues, or data issues from the companies.

Data Notes

Times are rounded to the nearest 15 minutes, and location to the nearest 3 decimal places for rider privacy.

Privacy for infrequent trips
If an origin/destination trip pair has less than 5 trips between the locations, then we fuzz both the start and end location for privacy. We move both the start and end point for all of these trips randomly up to .5km away from the actual point. We do not note which trips have been changed in this manner. See this methodology technical documentation for more details.

Data Outliers

Some source data provided by the companies contains errant values, like negative or impossible distances. In these cases we have done the following to the data:

  • Set TripDistance to -1 where the value is less than 0
  • Set TripDistance to 100 where the value is over 100 (maximum range is currently around 25 miles)
  • We have left errant TripDurations untouched
  • We have left errant latitude and longitude coordinates (eg, hundreds of miles away) untouched.

Much of our data and policy aligns to the suggestions of the Harvard's Civic Analytics Network and the work of other cities like Austin, TX, Washington DC and NACTO's guidance.

The map below is for LouVelo pick-up locations and number of pick-ups

The map below is for LouVelo drop-off locations and number of drop-offs

Data and Resources

Release Date
Homepage URL
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Louisville, KY
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Data Dictionary
  • ID - Unique ID for this piece of data
  • Occurred- Date and Time of the occurrence
  • Type - Reserved or Available
  • Operators - LouVelo
  • Reason- Whether a pick-up or a drop-off
  • Vehicle Type- Bicycle
  • Trip ID- A unique ID created by Louisville Metro
  • Vehicle ID-Unique ID for the transit vehicle the trip is on
  • Location-Location
Contact Name
James Graham
Data Dictionary Type
Contact Email
Public Access Level