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Louisville Kentucky’s Aquatic Inspection Information in the SAFE Data Standard

Routine reinspection of over 537 public pools and treated water aquatic facilities in the US State of Kentucky, totalling over 2,000 inspections per year. Inspections include spas (hot tubs), pools, wave pools, splash pads, theme park pools, and special purpose pools (such as dive pools) etc. Purpose of inspections is included in this data set.
For more information on Louisville Metro’s aquatic inspection program and policies, see:
Data will be updated weekly. Each week the data will be posted as a rolling five year table. That is the new data will be a set that includes inspections from the day of posting minus five years.

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Release Date
Gerald. Kaforski
Data Dictionary

Field Name-Definition
InspectionID-Unique Identifier for the inspection
Facility ID-Unique Identifier for the Facility
Facility Name-Name of the Facility
Facility Address-Location of the Facility
Facility Address 2-Location of the Facility
Facility City-Location of the Facility
Facility State-Location of the Facility
Facility Postal Code-Location of the Facility
Facility County-Location of the Facility
Venue Type-
* POOL-Any natural or artificial body or basin of water which is modified, improved, constructed or installed for the purpose of public swimming or bathing under the control or any person and includes but is not limited to the following: beaches, swimming pools, wave pools, competition swimming pools, diving pools, water slides and spray pools.
* HOT TUB/SPA-A special facility designed for recreational and therapeutic use, and which is not drained, cleaned, or refilled after each individual use. It may include, but not limited to, units designed for hydrojet circulation, hot water, cold water, mineral bath, air induction bubbles, or any combination thereof. Common terminology for a spa includes but not limited to, therapeutic pool, hydrotherapy pool, whirlpool, hot spa
* WADING POOL-A pool intended only for small children. The maximum depth is less than twenty-four (24) inches.
* OTHER-Any other swimming facility not specifically defined
Inspection Date-Date the inspection was performed
Inspection Score-"value between 0-100%, 86% without critical issue is a passing facility.
A facility facility may have a score of 0 if the purpose of the inspection was ""Other"""
Inspection Purpose-
* ROUTINE: Used to record routine inspection on an establishment and other facilities.
* FOLLOW-UP: Used to record all follow-up inspections as a result of a previous inspection.
* COMPLAINT: Used to record the investigation of a complaint received by the agency for regulated establishments, nuisances and the initial investigation for an animal bite.
* OTHER: The inspections are not given a numerical score. This inspection type used to record monitoring inspections for swimming pools. "
Inspection Passed-TRUE: Inspection Score >= 86% without any critical violations.
No Imminent Health Hazards-TRUE: no conditions are present that required of immediate closure of facility.
Disinfectant-Type of disinfectant used at the facility, either BROMINE or CHLORINE
Free Chlorine-measured in parts per million (PPM), the amount of free Chlorine in the body of water.
Free Bromine-measured in parts per million (PPM), the amount of free Bromine in the body of water.
pH-The amount of acidity measured in the body of water.
Enclosure-TRUE: Facility Enclosure: adequate, self closing gate, good repair or locked if no lifeguard on duty.
Main Drain Visible-TRUE: Turbidity: the water is clear enough to see the main drain at the bottom of the body of water.
Safety Equipment"-TRUE: First Aid, Safety Equipment, Spa Timer Switch, Telephone: readily accessible, adequate, maintained, good repair
POOLS and/or SPAS could include elevated lifeguard chair, ring buoy, life pole/shepherds crook, backboard with straps, first aid kit. "
Disinfectant Level-TRUE: CHLORINE disinfectant levels maintained between 1.0 and 2.5ppm for pools or slides, 2.0 and 3.0ppm for spas. BROMINE disinfectant levels maintained between 1.0 and 2.5ppm for pools or slides, 3.0ppm for spas. Anything outside this range is considered a violation. When only a shallow end reading is taken or shallow and deep end reading the shallow end value is used. If only a deep end reading is taken that value is used.
pH Balance-TRUE: pH value tested between 7.2 and 7.8, anything outside this range is considered a violation.
Inspection Notes-Description of violations noted at the facility.

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