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The Community Services division encompasses the client-based services including Neighborhood Place, Community Action Partnership, Self-Sufficiency Services, and Outreach & Advocacy.


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Homelessness Task Force Planning Table

Document used by Homelessness Task Force operations committee to translate ongoing concerns into possible initiatives for the upcoming year. View or download current table below.

Data and Resources

Release Date
Temporal Coverage
2021-01-01 to 2021-12-31
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Data Dictionary

Index - Numeric identifier for each list item.
Concern - High level issue related to homelessness in Louisville summarized briefly.
Impacted population - Group most impacted by the listed concern.
GAP in Local Services - Missing process / structure in the local system which leaves the concern unaddressed.
Barriers to Progress - What issue/problem would need to be overcome to advance solutions to the listed concern.
Possible FY22 Initiatives - What actions could be taken during FY22 to work toward fixing the listed concern.
Post Fiscal Year Impact - Expected medium/long term result of proposed initiative.
Financial Requirements - Brief statement about finances. i.e., what level of funding would be needed to accomplish the proposed initiative, identify potential source, explain use of funds, etc.
Structural Changes Needed? - Y/N column indicating if capital changes (construction, renovation, purchase of land/structures, etc.) will be required to address concern.

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Lambert, Ethan
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