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Animal Bites Bulk Data

Attributes of animal bite incidents reported to and investigated by Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness. Personal/identifying data has been removed.
Data Dictionary:
id-system id
bite_date-reported date of animal bite
SpeciesIDDesc-animal species
BreedIDDesc-animal breed
breed-secondat breed field for manual entry
GenderIDDesc-animal gender
color-animal color
vaccination_yrs-how long vaccination is effective for
vaccination_date-date of last rabies vaccination
victim_zip-zip code of victim
AdvIssuedYNDesc-was an advisory ordered?
WhereBittenIDDesc-Where was bite body or head?
quarantine_date-quarrantine date if applicable
DispositionIDDesc-disposition of animal if known
head_sent_date-date head sent for testing if applicable
release_date-date of release from quarrantine if known
ResultsIDDesc-results of testing if applicable
FollowupYNDesc-is this a followup entry?

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