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Establishments Bulk Data

Attributes of establishments that are currently inspected by and/or regulated by Louisville Metro Government. Personal/identifying data has been removed. EstablishmentID column can be joined to the EstablishmentID column in the Inspections table to show attributes of any inspections of the establishment.
Data Dictionary:
EstablishmentID-Permit number
CountyID-System ID for Jefferson County = 255
Rcode-facility type code
RCodeDesc-facility type text desciption
EstType-sub facility type
PremiseName-Facility Name
PermiseStreetNo-Facility street number
PremiseStreet-facility street
PremiseCity-facility city
PremiseState-facility state
PremiseZip-facility zip code
InspectionIntervalDays-how often does facility have a routine inspection?
IsPayFee-Does the facility pay a permit fee? Some government establishments like pools do not.
IsStateOwned-is the facility state owned?
Status-does the facility have an acive permit?
WaterProvider-water provider type
SewageProvider-sewage provider type
IsBonded- is the facility bonded?
RenewalStatus-system indicator
PermitPrinted-system indicator
Language-What language is spoken in facility?
RiskType-usually used to designate whether a facility is high risk like a day care center or one that serves seniors.
MenuType-Menu type if available
IsCaterer-is the facility a catering business?
IsDriveThru-Does the facility have a drive through?
IsTrucksOnly-is the business trucks only, no storefront.
Area-geographic area of inspectors
MailAppIDDesc-system indicator
MailPermitIDDesc-system indicator
HoursOfOperation-used by inspectors to denote special hours
DaysOfOperation-used by inspector to denote special days of operation
MonthsOfOperation-used by inspector to denote special months of operation
opening_date-date facility was permitted to current owner
renewal_sent_date-renewal system indicator
renewal_received_date-system indicator
permit_print_date-system indicator
permit_expiration_date-permit expiration date
next_inspection_date-next scheduled inspection date
bond_expiration_date-iff bonded bond expiration date.
Quantity1-number of units in unit field # 1
Quantity1Unit-units counted
Quantity2-number of units in unit field # 2
Quantity2Units-units counted
latitude-geo latitude of facility-this may be innacurate
longitude-geo longitute of facility-this may be innacurate
TotalFeeAmt-total fee paid be facility
PermitFeeAmt-permit portion of fee amount
InspectionFeeAmt-inspection fee portion of fee amount
VarianceGranted-not used
FollowUpDate-next followup inspection date

Data Preview: Note that by default the preview only displays up to 100 records. Use the pager to flip through more records or adjust the start and end fields to display the number of records you wish to see.

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