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The Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) began operations on January 6, 2003, as part of the creation of the consolidated city-county government in Louisville, Kentucky. It was formed by the merger of the Jefferson County Police Department and the Louisville Division of Police. The Louisville Metro Police Department is headed by Chief Steve Conrad. LMPD divides Jefferson County into eight patrol divisions and operates a number of special investigative and support units.

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Other (Public Domain)

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The information on this page (the dataset metadata) is also available in these formats.


via the DKAN API

Crime Reports

Crime report data is provided for Louisville Metro Police Divisions only; crime data does not include smaller class cities.

The data provided in this dataset is preliminary in nature and may have not been investigated by a detective at the time of download. The data is therefore subject to change after a complete investigation. This data represents only calls for police service where a police incident report was taken. Due to the variations in local laws and ordinances involving crimes across the nation, whether another agency utilizes Uniform Crime Report (UCR) or National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) guidelines, and the results learned after an official investigation, comparisons should not be made between the statistics generated with this dataset to any other official police reports. Totals in the database may vary considerably from official totals following the investigation and final categorization of a crime. Therefore, the data should not be used for comparisons with Uniform Crime Report or other summary statistics.

Data is broken out by year into separate CSV files. Note the file grouping by year is based on the crime's Date Reported (not the Date Occurred).

Older cases found in the 2003 data are indicative of cold case research. Older cases are entered into the Police database system and tracked but dates and times of the original case are maintained.

Data may also be viewed off-site in map form for just the last 6 months on

INCIDENT_NUMBER or CASE_NUMBER links these data sets together:


Note: When examining this data, make sure to read the LMPD Crime Data section in our Terms of Use.

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POLYGON ((-85.585272053326 38.33943050674, -85.574725927596 38.333976819898, -85.561321517196 38.337124469417, -85.468205755185 38.28530907192, -85.404898970052 38.263729926094, -85.428829650836 38.118382676965, -85.479900537052 38.100127882032, -85.515669399683 38.088845798814, -85.557270194917 38.073840699338, -85.71257768941 38.087310672264, -85.874917060567 38.042497548191, -85.912789398268 38.020652085019, -85.91386635713 38.010842939494, -85.922968705068 38.008358251243, -85.934393316832 37.997210210835, -85.94504404219 38.002426170817, -85.923653751423 38.024856022327, -85.91897861252 38.040699089862, -85.916159645592 38.063634969105, -85.905038686638 38.089995706638, -85.904471614416 38.107042807849, -85.909096035422 38.142341491042, -85.906941832342 38.165516883622, -85.896049899443 38.185450668789, -85.874988049355 38.207697317443, -85.851673772408 38.22260745727, -85.838862598006 38.240536226458, -85.836049514108 38.26545659857, -85.829065053335 38.276554348977, -85.81454621842 38.283009847759, -85.788057847574 38.28835803304, -85.773074406773 38.285761074007, -85.760921709 38.271913901067, -85.741595182199 38.26766834773, -85.679961675582 38.297584551846, -85.654373194331 38.325351972185, -85.63863429852 38.363857374588, -85.63781706754 38.380239112642, -85.569412789133 38.341751850938))
Other (Public Domain)
Data Dictionary

INCIDENT_NUMBER - the number associated with either the incident or used as reference to store the items in our evidence rooms and can be used to connect the dataset to the following other datasets:

DATE_REPORTED - the date the incident was reported to LMPD

DATE_OCCURED - the date the incident actually occurred

UOR_DESC - Uniform Offense Reporting code for the criminal act committed

CRIME_TYPE - the crime type category

NIBRS_CODE - the code that follows the guidelines of the National Incident Based Reporting System. For more details visit

UCR_HIERARCHY - hierarchy that follows the guidelines of the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting. For more details visit

ATT_COMP - Status indicating whether the incident was an attempted crime or a completed crime.

LMPD_DIVISION - the LMPD division in which the incident actually occurred

LMPD_BEAT - the LMPD beat in which the incident actually occurred

PREMISE_TYPE - the type of location in which the incident occurred (e.g. Restaurant)

BLOCK_ADDRESS - the location the incident occurred

CITY - the city associated to the incident block location

ZIP_CODE - the zip code associated to the incident block location

ID - Unique identifier for internal database

Contact Name
Crime Information Center
Contact Email
Public Access Level
Additional Info: 







0.26493700 1447110590



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