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Vaccination doses distributed to Jefferson County, KY residents Weekly

Provides number of doses, by dose number, distributed to Jefferson County residents over 7 day period as defined by CDC. Note: Not all residents Of Jefferson County receive their dose from Jefferson County, KY Agencies.

Note: This data is preliminary, routinely updated, and is subject to change
Note: Most data are reported within 72 hours of a patient receiving a dose of the vaccines. However there are some lags in reporting that affect this data. We will continue to update this data as more doses are administered. Additionally, data shown here only account for Jefferson County residents who received their vaccine at a location in Kentucky. Residents vaccinated in surrounding states are not accounted for in the Kentucky Immunization Registry. This means our data may be an underestimate and will not match the data reported by the CDC (when available at the county level), since the CDC aggregates all vaccine data nationwide.

For questions about this data please contact Angela Graham ([email protected]) or YuTing Chen ([email protected]) or call (502) 574-8279.