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The Office of Advanced Planning studies our community's built environment, envisioning, designing and implementing long-range planning solutions to create a vibrant sense of place where people want to live, work and innovate.


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via the DKAN API

Bird Scooter

Data about Bird scooter trips across the city.

NOTE: this data is currently for the Interim Operating Agreement only, and does not include potential equitable scooter distributions and other requirements specified in our forthcoming final operating agreement.

Data is aggregated for individual privacy at 2 decimals for latitude and longitude, which equates to about 1km. This groups start and end points into a grid across the city. Louisville is still discussing with Bird how to add a more detailed level of data in the future.

NOTE: this grid of aggregated data may show points in water, private locations, and places Bird does not operate - this is simply nearby data being snapped to a larger aggregation level.

Data goes from August 9 2018 to December 31 2018. More data will be posted as we receive it, usually a few weeks after the first of the month.

Should you desire additional or more specific data than is shared here, please inquire with Bird directly at or submit an Open Records Request and someone will get back to you quickly.

Data and Resources

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Release Date
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Data Standard
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Louisville, KY
Temporal Coverage
Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 00:00
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Data Dictionary
  • TripID - Unique ID for trips
  • BirdID - Unique ID for scooters
  • StartTime - Date and time of trip start
  • EndTime - Date and time of trip end
  • StartLatitude - StartLongitude - Latitude and longitude of start location (origin) - data is aggregated for the privacy of individual riders.
  • EndLatitude - EndLongitude - Latitude and longitude of end location (destination) - data is aggregated for the privacy of individual riders.
  • TripDistance - Trip distance in miles
Contact Name
Anthony Mattingly
Contact Email
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